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Abrosoft Coupon Codes US ☆ August 2021

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FantaMorph from Abrosoft is powerful metamorphosis software, perfect for both beginners and those who are well versed in the world of metamorphosis. We love that this software provides a number of help and support options, including tutorials and a user manual. If you take the time to read these documents and apply them to your metamorphosis tasks, your projects will soon look as if they were created by a professional. This morphing software offers huge possibilities with its diverse set of features and offers quick editing power with its real-time visualization. FantaMorph is the best morphing software on the market, as it allows you to create professional quality morphing animations. All of this makes it the most powerful metamorphosis app we've reviewed and won the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.

What impressed us even more than the Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro's extremely elegant and straightforward interface was how the friendly design wizard and tutorials put advanced animation software within the reach of an amateur. Powerful, yet easily applied tools, seamlessly transform sequences of two or more images, while providing instant visualization. The color cycle tool, for example, facilitates the marking of key points in each image in the sequence, transforming the standard green points into a rainbow spectrum, making it easier to distinguish the placement of individual points in the corresponding images. User controls determine frame duration, transformation style and one of seven video export formats, including AVI, Flash movie and screen saver. Giving professional polish and pleasing intermediate to advanced users, there is a selection of additional dramatic effects, such as lighting, masks, curves and filters. Note that the demo version prints a watermark on all outputs - a test restriction common in programs of this breed.

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Abrosoft Deals • 04/08/2021

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    • Everything you want to know about Abrosoft
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    Feature set:
    The Standard Edition of FantaMorph, which we tested for this review, has a lot of great features. However, experienced "morphers" might consider upgrading to the FantaMorph Deluxe version of Abrosoft, which comes with a list of great features.
    Below is a sample of the features that you will find in the standard version of this morph software:

    Import Photoshop Files (PSD) - This is a feature introduced in version 5 of the FantaMorph morphing software. Allowing you to import images into the app from Photoshop increases your editing power because you can edit your images before introducing morphing features.
    Multiple Key Point Editing - Key points are created on the main source image. For each point you add, a corresponding point appears on the second image, in exactly the same place. At any point in the process, depending on your preference, you can move the second set of key points to a more suitable location on the second frame. The more dots you add to each photo, the better your morph will be, as these dots help align the separate images and make the morphing process look smooth and professional.
    Key points are arguably the most important aspect in creating the perfect morph. When working with hundreds of points, it is almost necessary to be able to edit multiple points at once, especially for your sanity. With this tool, you can draw a rectangle selection around some or all points to move, scale, rotate, tilt, flip, copy, cut, delete or glue them, all at the same time.
    Outside Points - You can place key points outside of the source frames, which will improve the accuracy of your morph, thus improving your overall morph picture.
    Movie and Sequence Without Mode -Because the movie and sequence windows are non-modal, you can display them next to the main interface. This means that you will still be able to see your source and target images while viewing the movie and sequence windows.
    Divided workspace - FantaMorph version 5's workspace is fantastic, as the main screen of the morph software shows your source image, target image, and a preview screen all at the same time. This multiscreen view simplifies editing, allowing you to view the changes you make while keeping your images open for quick edits. This divided workspace is also ideal for placing key points and viewing the morphing process in real time.
    Crop Tool - In previous versions you could use the Crop Tool for basic functions. With version 5, you can now use the crop tool to rotate angles and include space outside the source image in your crop.
    Adjust Skin Tone - Your workspace is customizable. With version 5, you can select the aspect of the workspace you want: Standard, MAC or Blue.
    Auto Update - This feature allows your morph software to be constantly up to date, as updates and upgrades are automatically installed.

    The features listed below may not be new to this version 5 morph software, but they are definitely worth noting:

    Preview / play time Real - Realtime playback features pushed FantaMorph to the top for us. The real-time preview lets you see the morphing effects you've applied to each image in real-time, essentially showing you what your final product will look like. This "quick scroll" lets you see the effects you've created before finalizing anything. These features also allow you to view your morph sequences immediately, without first saving them to a file.
    Built-in Image Editing Tool - FantaMorph allows you to crop, resize, rotate, flip and adjust your source images. And you can add foreground or background images. Light, color, and contrast also help improve your build.
    Key Points - Assigning a style and color to the key points you place can seem trivial when starting a morph project. However, after adding 50 or 100 points, it will be much easier for you to work with the points if you have assigned colors to them based on their area or location.
    Line Editing - Adding hundreds of key points is not only awesome, it can get confusing as well. When heading to a morph project, especially one involving faces, we suggest using the line editing tool. The line edit function is reminiscent of "connect the dots" puzzles. You can connect a few (or all) points together, forming a line between each point. This line traces the area you are starting out on, allowing you to clearly see where you have placed your points.

    While we understand that the standard version of this morph software is primarily designed for those who are just starting out, we would have liked to see a few of the features of the deluxe version provided in the standard version, in particular the ability to add captions as well as accessing the face template, mixer, and library add-ons.
    Ease of use:
    FantaMorph is simple and intuitive to use, even if you are not a computer or morphing expert. We have found this morphing software to be effective in simplifying complex processes. For example, exporting morph movies may be difficult for some, but this morph software breaks it down to the point where it's a simple task.
    The Project Wizard is perfect for those who are just starting their first morph project and need a little help. The Project Assistant will walk you through several steps, including choosing a project type, the frames you'll use for your project, how to edit those photos, and setting movie properties such as duration (duration ) and the size of the movie. We want the Project Assistant to continue to walk us through the key point processes, but thanks to the excellent morph software manual we were able to figure it out without too much trouble.
    Before starting a project, we recommend that you take the time to go through the user manual, browse the online FAQs, and go through the learning tutorials so that you understand the full scope of this software's features and capabilities. morphing. The tutorials offered by Abrosoft are comprehensive yet straightforward, which makes what could be a complex and difficult to understand application easy for everyone to use.
    Ease of installation:
    We installed the FantaMorph morphing software and registered the app within minutes, then we had access immediate to all tools and features. The setup wizard recommended that we create a desktop icon, which is a perfect solution for quick access.
    Help and documentation:
    FantaMorph offers top-notch help and support documents as well as comprehensive tutorials. We love the comprehensive user manual which walks you through step-by-step instructions for each function of FantaMorph. When you first open this morph software, you click on a series of pop-up windows, each representing a feature or function, to start your morphing project.
    Let's say you are at the initial image import screen. If you have any questions regarding this step, all you have to do is select the 'help' tab located at the bottom of the screen. You are then taken to the exact section of the user manual that explains exactly how to import photos.
    The User Forum is another great source, not only for morphing ideas, but also for general concerns that other users of morphing software have. The Morph Gallery is the place to find new morphing ideas, and it's interesting to see how different people have used morph software in their personal and professional lives. You can also post your morphs on the forum for other FantaMorph users to enjoy.
    Other types of help available include online FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), how-to articles, a question submission form, and an online forum.
    With a wide variety of features, intuitive controls, and various help and support options, this morph software is easily our first choice. If you're looking for a powerful morphing app that lets you produce, edit, and share your transformed creations with others, FantaMorph is for you.

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